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Images (Click to zoom) Description Product Code
  Grab handle 05099A-B
  Handle D/pull c/p 102mm 11109
  Chest handle z/p 100mm 11605
  Grab handle - Chrome plated 150mm overall 0.065kg 1188
  Grab handle - Chrome plated 150mm overall 0.102kg 1197
Grab handle 1200
Inner handle, black 13339B
Inner handle, screw 13339C
  Breeching staple 2173
  T/Handle Counter/C/wise wit bolts &nuts 60005CCW
  T/Handle /Clock wise wit bolts &nuts 60005CW
  T/Handle Counter/C/wise wit screw 60006CCW
  T/Handle Clockwise wit screw 60006CW
Padlocking L Handle 60036
  L/Handle front fix counter clockwise 60052ACCW
  L/Handle front fix clockwise 60052ACW
  L/Handle rear fix with screw counter C/W 60052CCW
  L/handle rear fix with screw clockwise 60052CW
Pop-out T-handle and with anti-dust cover 61026
  T/Handle pop up black R/K 61026HANDLE
    W/anti-dust plastic cover 61028Handle
  Grab handle black plastic 790
Door handle z/p 80202
Handle spring loaded diachromate 802022
Door Handle S/S 80202S
  Handle yellow 11.5' 9300Y
  Grab handle - Chrome plated 0.137kg 97