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Hinge Others

Images (Click to zoom) Description Product Code
  Hinge z/p K110-069 5001BCH
Hinge blade only 60012ZP
  Hinge with bolt on bracket 60013-60411ZP
  Hinge S/S bolt on 60013S
  Hinge blade only 60013ZP
  Canopy hinge H/duty diachromemate 60015
  Canopy hinge 60017
  Canopy hinge Stainless steel 60017S
  Hinge offset 60018
  Hinge offset s/s 140x60mm 60018S
  Canopy hinge H/duty 60019
  Hinge 60023
    Hinge short flap 60027S
  Hinge long flap 60028
  Hinge long flap s/s = 2216/004 60028S
Hinge small side door s/s 60030S
Hinge 60030ZP
  Hinge side door low profile B406
Door hinge cast steel CSLB
  Hinge 230mm H4
  Step slope aluminium hinge 3m MCN1569
  Hinge bent z/p MCNB
  Hinge bolt on z/p MCND-HB
  Hinge with weld on butt MCND-HBWO
  Hinge offset z/p MCNO
  Hinge straight z/p MCNS
Hinge Side Door z/p MCNSD