About Us


McNaughtans Pty Ltd was established in South Africa more than 75 years ago. With an extremely strong emphasis in the Bus, Truck and Trailer industry, McNaughtans during this time has further progressed their business throughout the world. We source, manufacture and supply around the globe.

Since 2003 McNaughtans has opened an Australian owned company with branches throughout the majority of states servicing Australia and a supply distribution into New Zealand. McNaughtans has also been allocated a number of Supply Distributorships for World Class Products. The business has brought with it a rich experience in the Bus, Truck and Trailer Industry. McNaughtans has acquired a number of complementary businesses to its network over the past years and recently has been required to move to a brand new purpose built facility due to the continued expansion of the business.

McNaughtans has a large complement of exceptional people talent that have had many years of experience in their industry fields. Many of the staff having an abundance of international and local ‘know how’ and the desire to provide professional and quality service. Many existing products have been modified to improve usability and functionality.